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HUK BEAUTY CARE INSTRUMENTS Scissors and Beauty instruments are result of latest manufacturing processes combined with experience of skilled master craftsmen gained over several years. Ours high end styling shears are made to our exacting specifications with the professional end user in mind. These shears must meet the high standards of steel quality and craftsmanship. We only choose the best types of steel to make our shears. These include 440C Hitachi, J2 420 & Cobalt and other high carbon steels. Ours steels have low impurity content, good tenacity and viscosity, excellent resistance to wear and are fully rustproof. These stainless steel alloys result in blades which are superior in wear resistance, hardness, and dimensional stability.

HUK BEAUTY CARE INSTRUMENTS premium shears are not cast or made in one piece but instead these shears are carefully welded part by part and hand honed for absolute best performance and durability. Each shear is hand finished by master craftsmen trained in the art of shears manufacturing. They are first forged so that the handle and blade are manufactured in separate molds. They are then welded together by hand to ensure proper balance and exact blade alignment. The blades are sharpened by HUK BEAUTY CARE INSTRUMENTS own unique method. The scissors blades further undergo a stringent manufacturing process in which they are vacuum-annealed twice and hardened to Rockwell (HRC) hardness range 52-57 depending on the material. This process is more labor and cost intensive but it gives you a much higher quality, lasting and better cutting instruments for years to come. All other instruments like nippers, cutters and other beauty tools are made from the very finest materials by highly skilled masters. These masters have inherited metallurgical steel knowledge from the local family tradition as it is passed on from one generation to the next. These “Ustads” take personal responsibility for the final cutting and ergonomic feel of individual instruments which are intricately finished by hand.

All instruments are thoroughly inspected and must pass rigorous quality control standards in each stage of the production process. They must also be subjected to final quality control check before they are shipped out. Our shears have cost advantage over other shears because most of our advertising is done through word of mouth. We sell to distributors, stylists and professionals worldwide directly. We pass these cost savings to our customers by giving them a very high quality product at very reasonable prices.

Our continuous focus on research has led us to produce different types of blades, tension systems, finger grips and coatings for our customers. Our Scissors with curved blade impede the sliding of the hair, to compensate the deviation of the cut thus guaranteeing straight lines. Ergonomic scissors with specially designed thimbles diminish the fatigue of the thumb reduce possible injury of tendon. PVD coating and Tungsten Carbide tipped scissors come with there own unique features and longer life.






Steel Alloys
Various alloying elements are added to basic steels to enhance corrosion resistance, hardness, toughness and machining characteristics. Carbon is the principal hardener in steel whereas phosphorus and sulfur are present in all steels, usually as impurities. However they are sometimes added in controlled amounts for easier machining. The more carbon is added (up to 1.2%), the harder the steel gets. Molybdenum is a very important additive as it adds toughness and increases corrosion resistance. Molybdenum inhibits grain growth and lengthens the quench time of steel. This provides for a good stress-free martensitic structure. Manganese contributes to strength and hardness. Phosphorus also increases strength and hardness, but at the sacrifice of ductility and impact toughness, as its content is increased. Sulfur in select cases improves machinability and Silicon increases strength and hardness. Chromium protects against corrosion and adds heat resistance. However all the elements have to be in correct ratios to reach the desired properties in steel and we incorporate these in our materials.

PVD Coated Range
This range of scissors is covered with Titanium Nitride (TIN) by a technique known as PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition). This coating greatly enhances the hardness of the scissors since the hardness value of the TIN layer is something in the order of 2500 Vickers. This is around four times greater than that of tempered steel. Further the TIN layer gives much better resistance to erosion and to chemical agents as compared to uncoated steel. Corrosion test for this type of coating carried out in saline mist chambers give results even better than those with chrome coating. This coating is normally used in cutting and machining tools since it provides parts with greater resistance to wear and abrasion. Manufacturing and design engineers recognize the benefits of this carefully selected 3 ~ 5 micron coating on tool work surfaces. Tool life increases dramatically, from 50%/100% to much more.

Tungsten Carbide
Cutting any type of hair is a breeze with Tungsten Carbide Scissors. They are super-sharp and extra-hard, five times harder than steel. These specially designed scissors are great for precise cutting and trimming. These specially designed scissors have small carbide insert held in place by a larger scissors made of a less brittle stainless steel. This gives the benefit of using carbide without the high cost of making the entire scissor out of carbide.





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