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Instruments Care


Features: Ice tempered stainless steel to give a sharp edge and long life to scissors. Made especially for cutting hair.

Care: Maintenance free. If the Scissors ever stick, put a drop of oil in the joint and work back and forth to loosen.

Warning: Misuse of Scissors voids guarantee.


Features: Heavy duty stainless steel Nail Clippers that will cut the thickest toe nails. Locking handle. double & single spring for smooth action.

How to Use: Squeeze handles for lock system clippers to release locking mechanism. Cut toe nails when wet to avoid cracking and splitting the nails. Cut toe nails straight across to prevent ingrown nails.

Care: Maintenance free. Wipe clean after each use. Keep small amount of oil in joint for lubrication.

Warning: Misuse of Nipper voids guarantee.


Features: Made of High quality steel which assures a long lasting cutting edge. The blades meet and cut at the very tip. They close front to back with slight pressure to ensure a complete cut. The double spring is designed to operate smoothly and is guaranteed not to break.

How to Use: Push back the cuticle and trim dead skin around the nail and hangnail. Do not use on acrylic nails.

Care: Wipe clean after use. If Nipper joint sticks, put a drop of oil in joint and work back and forth. If discoloration appears, add more oil and
wipe off excess.

Warning: Misuse of Nipper voids guarantee.

Caution: This tool is sharp. Do not cut live skin.


Features: Extra sharp pointed tips and curved blades are specially designed for trimming cuticles or cutting hangnails. Precise cutting edge will last a life time. Stainless steel. Hot forged, ice tempered steel. Serrated blades Toe nail scissors keep hair from slipping. Sharp straight blades facilitate precise cut.

How to Use: First push back the cuticle and then use Scissors to trim dead skin. When trimming cuticles or cutting hangnails use caution. Points are very sharp. Use to cut finger nails or toe nails. To avoid ingrown toenails, cut nails square. Always cut nose hairs. Never pull them. Position scissors in the nostril or ear with the blade curved away from the skin. Carefully cut hairs. Can also be used for extra long eyebrow hairs. Comb your eyebrows up and trim. Comb moustache or beard in the direction of hair growth. Cut small amounts of hair at a time and work symmetrically.

Care: If the Scissors ever stick, put a drop of oil in the joint and work back and forth to loosen. Clean blades after each use.

Caution: Always exercise care when cutting nose and ear hairs. Blades are sharp! Take care when wiping blades clean.

Warning: Misuse of scissors voids guarantee.


Features: Made of hot forged, ice tempered steel for life time cutting edge. Straight pointed blades for precision cutting of nail silk or linen wrap. Large finger holes for extra control.

How to Use: Cut silk or linen nail wrap; then apply to nail. Use Scissors for final trim of wrap.

If the Scissors ever stick, put a drop of oil in the joint and work back and forth to loosen.

Scissors are very sharp. Keep out of reach of young children.

Misuse of scissors voids guarantee.


Features: Tips of Tweezers are hand-filed for precise tweezing. Compact size for purse or travel. Easy-grip textured body. Perfectly aligned
hand-filed tips. Comes with attractive storage case. Ideal for purse and travel. Stainless steel.

How to Use:
Always tweeze in the direction of hair growth. Isolate the hair you are about to tweeze, pulling one hair at a time. Pull
gently and smoothly, making sure not to yank. Wait at least five minutes before applying make-up.

Care: Clean Tweezers after each use. Replace protective cap on tips of Tweezers and store in case.

Caution: Dropping Tweezers will damage the tip and throw Tweezers out of alignment.

Warning: Misuse or dropping of Tweezers voids guarantee.


Features: Patented stainless steel construction. Pushing edges are buffed smooth to prevent scratching the nail. Textured body keeps Pushy from slipping in your hand. Flat side works to gently roll out mature whiteheads. Angled loop is designed to press out blackheads.

How to Use: Use either end to push back cuticle or clean under nail. Square edge is thin enough to get into the corner. Can also be used with acrylic nails. Nail glue will not damage tool.

Head Remover: First disinfect or sterilize tool. Use after steamy shower, facial sauna, or a hot towel to open pores. For whiteheads: Wait until the white head breaks open the skin. Then gently roll the wire over the white head. For blackheads: Press down the flat side directly over black head to gently remove. Disinfect area when finished.

Care: Clean with cotton and alcohol.

Warning: Do not squeeze out white heads or black heads with your fingers. You can aggravate the problem and damage the skin. Misuse of tool voids guarantee.


Features: The handle on Rasp gives added control allowing the user to apply optimum pressure for removing calluses. Two separate filing surfaces. The razor blade is ice hardened, tempered and laminated. Each Callus Rasp snaps right over the Shaver.

How to Use: Best used on moist skin. Draw Shaver across the corn or callus in a shaving motion to remove thin layers of dead skin. Do not shave live skin. After shaving corns or calluses, snap Rasp onto head of Shaver and work back and forth over callused area to smooth skin.

Care: Rinse surfaces after each use.

Caution: The blade is razor sharp and should be handled with extreme care. Diabetics or Hemophiliacs should not use this tool.

Warning: Misuse of tool voids guarantee.






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